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(b. 1969), American. Jackie Grawe is a muralist, writer, and illustrator based in Kansas City Missouri, and Golden Colorado.

From murals, writings, installations, and art therapy classes to self-published books, Grawe’s diverse and distinct creative voice has garnered local acclaim through commissions and art auctions for altruistic causes in Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado.


Jackie's work has been recognized nationally and by local businesses and charities.  

With personal work informed through the observation of trauma and how it affects the individual, Grawe continues to explore experiences that are deeply personal and connects creativity in order for the individual to break free of painful repetitive cycles, while integrating neuroplasticity and pattern recognition, allowing creativity to flow, pain to reduce, through the clients she works with.



The quest for originality directs me to a new, authentic approach to illustration dubbed post-traumatic expressionism.  When a wounded soul is able to translate pain into a tactile piece of art, it is then that the healing process begins.


Art is influenced by the Impressionists and daring greats like Caravaggio who mastered the chiaroscuro technique and other artistic rebels such as Cezanne, Van Gogh, Picasso, and Klee, who enlightened me to find my own style.


While researching the many greats who have gone before, the body of their work may have been cut short due to alcoholism or emotional struggles. While making art is clearly the goal for a creative, choosing to shine the light on the dark crevices of one's wounded soul, must come first. By embracing the need for holistic, nature-rich, soul-deep healing, the goal is to heal first, then create art from a space rich in love and acceptance. ​Great work can emerge from emotionally balanced creatives who have properly tended to wounds that previously festered.

I have volunteered at homeless shelters, with children, the elderly, halfway houses, and those in recovery. The ultimate goal is for art and altruism to have a healing, symbiotic relationship.



Creativity Cures Sessions. Art making and poetry for 12 to 15 people in small groups. Reach email: to book. 


  • 2022 Portfolio Illustration Course. Visual Arts Passage

  • 2022 Boulder Digital Arts UI/UX Certification Boulder, Colorado

  • 2015 Illustration Academy Kansas City Missouri

  • 2012-2013 Park University-Fine Arts Parkville Missouri  Deans List

  • 2010-2012 Maplewoods Community College-Associates in Arts Kansas City Missouri, Phi Beta Kappa


  • 2010 1st Place-Portrait Contest (Anthony Bourdain 18"x 24")

  • 2009 'Inspiration Award-National Recipient (Food and clothing drive for the homeless)

  • 2002 1st Place-Portrait Contest- (Women of Honor-Janet McDonald triptych)


  • 2023 Higher Grounds Golden Colorado, Month long solo show

  • 2018 Cbiz Fine Art Auction Kansas City, Mo Top Yielding work sold 'Rosie the Riveter'

  • 2016 Vitae Foundation Golf tournament & auction sold an original painting of Tiger Woods

  • 2015 First Fridays solo exhibit Kansas City, Mo. 

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