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Ink-Practice, Practice, Practice

These are practice sketches, please be sure to visit final ink art pieces here.


Hand-drawn ink illustrations on 8" x 8" acid-free white paper. You will see many sketches of hands and feet, this is because art teachers instructed us to "draw from real life". Without having a model and typically being on the go, my hands and feet were most convenient. 

The funky and expressive style that is unleased in these early drawings

added to my intense love of making ink artwork.

Practice Sketch

Practice Sketch Spring 2023

Seeking to find my best visual expression for the art I create, finding one's voice is essential. The funky hard edges and study of light, shadows, and lines are expressed in the drawing of this empty coffee cup. 

Home Sweet Home

The precision needed for drawing portraits can be intense and exhausting. The Home Sweet Home image shows the expressive freedom I have found with ink. 


Ink-Feet and Humans

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