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Original Paintings to purchase

I am so excited to begin selling my new line of artwork based on the emotional state of agitation, flow, and creativity. With my new book, which will be published this year, I am offering help to those who suffer from trauma in a therapeutic, art-making expressive, and healing way. My work is based on acceptance and embracing a new positive way of dealing with the tragedies of life. A transformation occurs when one expresses themselves creatively, rather than succumbing to depression. We begin to heal and empower our spirits. Change is possible.

When you purchase an original work directly from the artist the process should be seamless and enjoyable. I will ensure the art is properly packaged and shipped, with a signed certificate of authenticity. Historically the art market has soared when the economy has weakened. An average of 60% ROI is typical within a ten-year period on fine art. 

Art is a smart way to diversify your portfolio. 

Shipping will be added after the address is provided. 

Payment steps will be emailed once availability is confirmed. 

I accept payments through Paypal, Zelle & Venmo 

Please email directly with your choice of work: 

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