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Investing in Fine Art

Presidential Portraits & the Current Global Art Trade: 20 Billion+ 

The Complete collection of 44 originals: $90,000

2020: The world is locked down in the first attempt ever by governments to contain a virus. With many at home and isolated, the social pressure from both sides came to a head. Being an election year, we viewed cities burning, clashing of beliefs, and the violent and destructive removal of our nation's history through vandalism, fire, and physical takedowns of statues of our founding fathers.

Regardless of your beliefs, most educated people understand, the removal of a nation's history is the first step towards totalitarianism. 

In my way to preserve history, I illustrated all 45 presidents on toned paper, size: 13.25"x 16".

Each is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

The complete collection of the Presidents will be sold to someone who appreciates the work spanning 8 months.

The entire collection is available at 90k. Reach me directly to purchase.

With fine art showing a return on investment as high as 60% for some works, this rare collection could grow in value by leaps and bounds. 

Shipping, insurance, and tracking are all included in the cost of acquiring this rare collection. 

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