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Eco-Art Project

  • After 4 adventurous years of hiking all over Colorado, I felt different. In a good way.The feeling that continually washed over me during and after long hikes was foreign. I took pictures, journaled, created art and then one day it dawned on me, the feeling I had was peace.

  • Without striving for a religious experience (not knocking religion) or seeking a mental change through medication (that too has its place at times) the earth and creating art were powerfully healing to me. 

  • I began researching the science behind the very real and alive properties of nature and its affect on we humans and was astounded. 

  • Beautiful, miraculous, healing powers-there for all.​

  • Creating art and learning more about nature has inspired me to share my breakthroughs with others. 

My goal is to raise awareness for those suffering from trauma to the healing effects of art and nature.

I believe when you want change, the best place is to start is in your own backyard. 

I am in the process of creating the eco-art therapy project to reach those most in need. Our recovery centers, veterans administration and rehab facilities are overrun with the walking wounded. Fantastic therapists, counselors and doctors are doing all they can.

I want to help people get outside, create and connect.

Coming Spring 2022

Wooden Hut

I would like to start locally, rehab facilities, veteran groups, private therapists.

To make the process easy and unjarring to the client, I will provide art supplies, location of convenience, water bottles, and short sessions (less than 2 hours). With private therapy 

sessions costing at 100 and up, in an indoor office, many are apprehensive & uneasy, it could take months to learn to trust. With nature as the "office" my hope is clients will 

be at ease within the first few sessions. The fee of $60 per person is affordable and accessible. 

From Above

This is not art therapy, it is a therapuetic adventure where art is made.

While allowing high risk people the freedom to step away from their problems and enjoy the benefits of fresh air, creativity and exercise, it is the reprieve needed by so many. I would love to hear from potential partnerships and how to properly raise awareness. 

Man Hiking in Nature
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