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Jazz Greats Portraits

I began painting large canvases (40"x 40") of the Jazz Greats after watching Ken Burns's documentary a few years ago.

I am fascinated by originality and the pursuit of excellence.

The flip side of fame is addiction and personal struggles. 

What John Coltrane, Billie Holiday, Charlie Parker, and Dexter Gordon endured regarding racism in America made me want to honor them with a painting. I try to use color and shapes to evoke an emotion for the viewer.

A strong, vibrant spirit, undaunted by the challenges they faced. 

I added Amy Whinehouse to the collection after watching her documentary. Its almost as if there is an underbelly of contempt deep within the exploiters (Ayn Rand reference) and the exploited. 

To see this rare talent, write her own music, and sing in a way I had never heard before, I was saddened that the industry and press exploited her to such a destructive measure. She too became a subject I wanted to honor by painting.

Originals are available @ 4000.

They will be shipped unframed, rolled canvas so that you may have it stretched and framed as you wish

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