Illustrating Joy

"The rise in suicides and overdoses has skyrocketed!"

"Yes, I know, but what can I do?"

Here is your chance to help. I have created an online art & wellness course to help our veterans and first responders with the symptoms of stress and trauma. In order to properly market and reach those most in need, I need to raise 7,500 in funding to properly market this unique and revolutionary approach to learning art and healing. I decided to do this myself through sales of original artwork.

The regular price of each *ORIGINAL* art piece once framed and shipped is $2500.

With your generous contribution to the cause, I am offering a special price of only $1500. 

Please email me directly with your choice of work: 

First come first serve! Here is your chance to support a cause you can feel proud of, the marketing efforts of a Patriot artist offering immediate, accessible, and affordable help to the brave men and women who serve our country.

If you love the cause and want to help, please click the link below to contribute any amount.

I give you my word, every penny will go towards getting the word out, there are so many who need help, now.